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How much does Adidas Falcon shoes cost?

Walk through time from the 90s to the future, bringing Chunky Soles trend to young people who love shoes in 2018. The return of oversized soles from big and small brands around the world makes “Sneakerhead “Can’t sit still. Especially when the beginning of June this year, the Adidas Falcon of the Adidas brand released another super product.

Adidas launches Falcon – contributing to the trend of Chunky Soles hot

The Adidas Falcon’s styling takes its design from the eagle as its Falcon name. With the tip of the shoe facing forward, supported by a smooth cushion, providing the most comfortable steps. Completely moderating rough details like Chunky Soles models of the same trend, Adidas is still the brand that has elegance in the shoe.

Still in the familiar blue box of Adidas like other models of the brand. The side of the box is still the basic parameters of the shoe size, the name Adidas Falcon, accompanied by the vignette printed wrapping paper and the logo that familiar sneakerheads often see. Add another blue box to your home shoe collection.



According to the assessment, the colors released this time have a distinctly modern and youthful trend. The Adidas Falcon offers a rebellious look of overlays and midsole. The combination with the outfit, hair and super product “Falcon bird” exudes the frankness and confidence of a modern shoe lover.

More feminine outfits such as dresses, short skirts, jeans, t-shirts, and even a sports fullset are always so perfect. It seems that Falcon has no distinction and is reserved for anyone. Being a feminine girl, a strong guy or a fan who likes dynamic style is really herself with the Adidas Falcon.

A detailed review of the Adidas Falcon real shoe

The design is an alternating interior sheet with characteristic glossy leather. Completely different from previous Adidas lines. If you look closely, you will notice that the brand has had a dramatic break with the brand name surrounded by suede on the shoe that most major websites ignore.

Adidas Falcon is really outstanding when the side has been decorated with a small mirror, but it is a mirror but you can hardly see it, they are just a highlight of light on the shoe only. They will really impress when you go out in the sun, the Adidas “hawk” will glow that sparkle.


The tongue part of the shoe is still classic not attached to the shoe body, they are covered by a plastic frame and a plastic frame is also covered at the back of the heel, still a blue sole and navy blue with the box, adhere to the sole as confirming the brand’s blue color.


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