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Love-Themed Birthday Card Ideas for Her 

Are you planning something sweet and special to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday? Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out what to give her yet because we’ve got you covered. Below are some love-themed birthday card ideas for her that can meet your expectation. 

Jar of My Heart 3D Pop Up Card   

Love Theme Birthday Card Ideas for Her 
Jar of My Heart 3D Pop Up Card

Looking for a unique design with the symbol of love? This lovely Jar of My Heart card can be a perfect option for you. It is an impressive 3d paper simulation of a white heart-shaped jar. Inside the jar is some red liquid of” Love”. Moreover, it is also embellished with a lovely name tag of” My Heart”.     

Love is regarded as one of the most powerful things in the world. It can give us the strength to fight for our happiness or to protect the one we love. The love jar is a symbol of true love. When you give the card to someone it means you are making a promise of faithful love and happiness.     

The Jar of My Heart 3D Pop Up Card will be one of the best ways for you to show her your heartfelt thoughts and feelings. It is suitable for occasions like her birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversaries. 

Happy Birthday Cake Pop Up Card  

Love Theme Birthday Card Ideas for Her 2
Happy Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

Since this is your lover’s birthday, giving her a sweet card with a Birthday Cake is not a bad idea at all. The cover of the card is striking in a red tone. Inside it is a model of a beautiful b-day cake decorated with three sparkling candles and many roses. 

A birthday cake with candles on it signifies wishes in a dream and good luck. It is believed that if you dream about the cake, it means your wishes will soon come true. The pink rose is also well-known as a symbol of love and beauty. 

This wonderful Happy Birthday Cake hallmark greeting card will be a perfect birthday gift for any recipient, especially for your sweetheart.  

Love Heart Tree 3D Pop Up Card  

Love Theme Birthday Card Ideas for Her 3
Love Heart Tree 3D Pop Up Card

Another love gift for your consideration is a pop-up card with Heart Tree. The card depicts a model of a squirrel kissing its partner’s cheek under a giant tree with leaves in a heart-shape. It mainly uses warm colors in oranges and yellow tones.  

As you can see, the card is amazing with familiar images of the maple tree and squirrels. You can consider it as a metaphor that love exists everywhere around us.  

This 3d pop-out card will be a big surprise for the one you love. Besides, it can also help you strengthen your relationship with the one you love who is miles away. This cute card is like a reminder of the good time you had with them.  

Garden Rose Flower Pop Up Card  

Love Theme Birthday Card Ideas for Her 4
Garden Rose Flower Pop Up Card

Last but not least, you can also use a designed card with beautiful roses to gift your lover. This card is an incredible three-dimensional paper sculpture of a bush of rose flower.  

Red is the most attractive of all colors of roses. This color signifies true love and romance. That is why people often give rose flowers to their partner, girlfriend, or fiance.  

If you want to see the precious smile on your lover’s face, don’t hesitate to give her this charming Garden Rose Flower Pop Up Card. It is undoubtedly a special present that can help you show the love of your life how much you care about her. 

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