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Uses And The Meaning Of Feng Shui Of Agate Stone

The main features of agate stones

Agat is a variant of quartz, they belong to the group of chalcedony, fine-grain, characterized by layered color, color layers of concentric or long form. The color of Ma Brain stone is usually from milky white, yellowish, greenish, black red. The most beautiful is called the “eye” Code or the “eyepiece” with concentric layers around a point in the center. Scientists have found that, although having the same chemical structure as Quartz, the microparticles in onyx are very smooth, so when manipulating and using, products with onyx material are always shiny, smooth.

The main features of agate stones
The main features of agate stones

Use of agate stone

Onyx stone can be used to meditate, allowing yourself to absorb the surrounding natural energy, the amount of air will go down from above, and evil qi will be released from the soles of the feet, effectively All the pressure, fatigue and evil spirit are reduced. Agate is also used to create “eyes”, has the effect of exorcising evil, very suitable to be worn as amulet or exorcist. Nowadays, onyx stone is often used as jewelry, popularly as bracelets and rings, this type of jewelry can prevent a fever, cold or typhoid. In addition, people often think that wearing jewelry made from quartz in general and onyx stone in particular will help attract luck, a favorable life, help promote career, a peaceful life.

The meaning of agate stone

In Europe, crowns are known as a symbol of health, longevity and prosperity. Jewelry is processed from Ma Brain stone to help you become more confident in communication. Help protect you against malicious enemies. In addition, wearing onyx like bringing a charm of luck and happiness to the wearer also reduces conservatism, pressure, resolves quarrels and conflicts to bring peace and luck. In addition, water-containing onyx has the effect of enhancing communication, good diplomacy and enhancing flexible behavior.

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